Challenging Times

It has been a week of mixed fortunes, but there has been an interesting development in my blogging career.

To date I have failed miserably to be selected for any of the glamorous, exciting blogger research opportunities I have applied for to date, which have included test driving McLaren tyres in the snow outside Paris, writing about The Sanctuary Spa, trying out a new all inclusive holiday resort and other such inviting sounding experiences.

Then about a week ago an opportunity presented itself that sounded far more in keeping with the reality of what I write about.  More ‘on brand’ if you will.  Actually they got me at a particularly vulnerable moment and all I saw was ‘stress less’, ‘help’ and ‘high street vouchers’.  I was sold on the ‘high street vouchers’ and with my history of failed attempts to be selected to participate in research I somewhat flippantly filled in the form, hit send and really thought nothing more of it.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when I received an email ‘congratulating’ me on being selected to take part in the Aviva ‘Stress Less Challenge’.  Having been selected it seemed only polite to read on and the panic gripped me as I realised I had let myself in for slightly more than I originally estimated.

But the concept of being offered the gift of shopping vouchers combined with free help to try and be less stressed was overwhelmingly attractive and I decided to throw myself into the hands of the experts with alarming enthusiasm.

So I diligently filled in my questionnaire and whilst eagerly awaiting the responses of the experts to my ramblings I completed the first task which was to make a video explaining why I am participating in the challenge (apart from the vouchers of course).

My first hope is that this link works, my second hope is that it makes sense and my third hope is to be able to share some of the tips I get in case it turns out I’m not the only stressed person on the planet and they help other people too.

My fourth hope is that I have followed the instructions correctly and get a big tick and ideally a smiley face for doing my homework properly….there’s a first time for everything.

Aviva Stress Less Challenge Video


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